UNIVERSE Live Rehearsal FEB-2016

Two Concerts in a row – let’s call it a tour!

In July 2016 we are going to play two concerts in a row in The Netherlands.

First we will show up in Leiden/NL on 13-JUL-2016. We will warm up the crowd for the US-Band NIGHT DEMON. They are on tour all over Europe and play a several sets in our neighbourhood country. This takes place in the concert hall GEBR. DE NOBEL.

The next day we will move on to Tilburg were we meet our dutch supporters in the famous LITTLE DEVIL BAR. We are headlining the Headbangers Concert. Sharing the stage with JACKAL/NL and TOLEDO STEEL/UK.

George Dallino Universe

George Dallino (and all of us, too) is ready to rock the Little Devil Bar in Tilburg/NL.

As some of you might already know we have some good friends in The Netherlands who really support us with their hearts and souls. It is very much their tireless commitment that made our little “tour” through The Netherlands possible. So this is the time to say THANK YOU (!!!!) MARINUS, MARC, and THE UNIVERSE DUTCH STREETTEAM for your passion, time, actions, and cheers!!!!!