“I break for nobody!”

Vincent Valiton – Drums

Vince joined UNIVERSE in 2018.

Starting to play with 6 years, VINCENT VALITON was influenced by his favorite band`s drummer Eric Carr. He was especially impressed by Tommy Aldrige and Tommy Lee.

Before UNIVERSE he used to play in the bands Essex, Classic Allstars and No S`cape

Beside his engagement in UNIVERSE he is a professional Session Drummer and Drum Teacher. He lives in Leer.


Vince plays Yamaha Drums, Paiste Cymbals, Promark Sticks and anything else that can take his beating, sometimes with daily change.

Some facts about Vincent Valiton

Residence: Leer
Zodiac: Aquarius
Bands before UNIVERSE: Essex, Classic Allstars, No ,S`cape

Vincent Valiton’s FAVORITES

Rockbands: Kiss
Musicians: Eric Carr, Tommy Aldridge, Tommy Lee
Color: Black
Literature: Billy Gladstone

Movies: Warriors
Actors: Denzel Washington
Car: Porsche Cayenne
Drink: Classic Coke
Own Song: Heaven and Hell (No S`cape)

Hobbies: Music