TOMMY SCHWARTZ- Rhythm Guitars & Vocals

“The last foot is dangerous” (W. C. Fields, falling freely in an elevator)

TOMMY SCHWARTZ – Rhythm Guitar & Vocals


Tommy Schwartz´s first musical influences were The Sweet, followed by classic heavy metal bands. He started as a bass player in his late teens and soon also played guitar, which became his main instrument in 2014.

Before UNIVERSE, he used to play in VALID, BODYGUERRA and STAY HUNGRY

Beside his engagement in UNIVERSE, he is a sound engineer. He lives somewhere between Osnabrück, Bielefeld and Essen.


THOMMY`s main guitar is a Gibson Flying V usually powered by vintage Marshall tube amplifiers.

Some facts about TOMMY SCHWARTZ

Residence: Between Osnabrück, Bielefeld and Essen
Zodiac: My planet has none…
Bands before UNIVERSE: Valid, Bodyguerra, Stay Hungry


Rockbands: Most major classic metal bands, e. g. Judas Priest
Musicians: Rob Halford, Ronnie James Dio, Brian Connolly, Malcolm Young, Steve Harris, John Entwistle, Nicko McBrain, Vinnie Appice and many others
Color: Fluorescent rainbow black
Literature: One Trick To Lose Body Mass, All You Need To Know About Astrology, The Essence Of The Existing Economic System, Conversation With Plants (all self-written, none longer than three words)
Movies: Jede Menge Kohle, Time Bandits, Never Give A Sucker An Even Break, Django Unchained, John Rabe, Erbsen Auf Halb Sechs
Actors: W. C. Fields, Jack Nicholson, Robin Williams, James Cagney
Car: Ford Transit properly filled with good equipment
Drink: Beer, wine, scotch whisky
Own song: …yet to come…
Hobbies: Conceiving cartoons (unfortuneatly with no drawing skills), writing texts, arts, audio electronics