H.H. – Drums

“Never stop!”

H.H. – Drums

H.H. joined UNIVERSE in 1994.

H.H.’s main influences are Tommy Aldridge, Tommy Lee, and John Bonham. He was especially inspired by Cozy Powell. Before UNIVERSE he used to play in the Bands EVIL, BORNCHILD and NINJA.

Beside his engagement in UNIVERSE he is plumber. He lives in Dortmund.


H.H. plays Tama drums and Paiste cymbals. He uses Los Cabos drumsticks.

Some facts about H.H.

Residence: Dortmund
Zodiac: Fish
Bands before UNIVERSE: Evil, Bornchild, Ninja


Rockbands: AC/DC, Rainbow
Musicians: Cozy Powell, Tommy Aldridge, Tommy Lee, John Bonham
Color: Blue
Literature: Lord Of The Rings
Movies: Warriors
Actors: Tom Hanks
Car: Jeep
Drink: Beer
Own Song: Big Screen Hero
Hobbies: Field Hockey