As the opening act of Night Demon from Ventura/California, we had the chance to perform in one oft the most professional venues for rock bands in Europe, Gebr. De Nobel.

We had to transfer the Universe sound and spirit to an audience used to see so many acts coming to this great place. And we were getting them in a short 45 Minutes set note by note. In the end we could earn their cheering and great feedback and were told to come back again pretty soon.

We´d like to thank Marco of, the promoters Arjan and Koen and Marc for placing us there. And we also would like to thank the guys from Night Demon for being so nice, collegial and playing a real awsome show!

Find some great live action pictures shot by our friend Lenn Kralt here!

Set List Gebr. De Nobel in Leiden/NL, 13-JUL-2016

  • Gravy Train
  • Up To The Sky
  • End Of The Day
  • Now Or Never
  • Mission To Rock
  • Clear My Doubts
  • Big Screen Hero
  • Innocense
  • Brain Collector
  • Bad Child