This show, we `ll defintely keep in our memories for the rest of our lives. After a long lasting
perfect soundcheck in the afternoon George´s amp blow up two minutes before showtime.
Nevertheless we could fix it anyway and put the adrenalin on stage with a mindblowing show. It was
one of those magic moments of interplay between band and audience, all artists are dreaming of.
At the end of the set the crowd was screaming for more but unfortunately we had to pay tribute to
our late start.
Many thanks to everyone who joined this festival for the incredible support during the show and the awsome
feedback afterwards.

Find some great pics taken by DPW on tour and the-pit magazine here !

Set List Börsencrash 2016 in Wuppertal, 22-OCT-2016

  • Gravy Train
  • Too Far Gone
  • Clear My Doubts
  • End Of The Day
  • Big Screen Hero
  • Innocense
  • Brain Collector
  • Bad Child